Mons Cheesemongers, 2017

When Mons Cheesemongers wanted to create a new retail-come-maturation space, Facility was commissioned to design a number of architectural fittings including an industrial modular racking system to store and display the product.

Modularity provides maximum efficiency of space and allows the shop to respond to fluctuations in cheese style and stock amount throughout the year. The industrial look of galvanised steel components with traditional spruce board shelves remains sympathetic to traditional maturing caves, whilst adding a contemporary functionality using modern manufacturing techniques. 

The semi-porous concrete floor and terracotta tile clad walls are kept hydrated by an irrigation system keeping the shop at a very high relative humidity, which was a primary consideration for the performance of the materials and finishes used.

Working closely with the client, Facility provided consultation on the spacial layout, conceptual design for the cabinetry and interior fittings, structural calculation and finally the fabrication and installation of the finished items. This included the shop front where structural steelwork was required as well as the sign frame and supporting structure.